Mint Leaf
Mint Leaf
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Mint Leaf

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Mint Leaf

Metaphysical Properties Of Mint Leaves

Official Name: Mentha spp

Other Names: Garden Mint
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Deities: Pluto, Hecate
Metaphysical Powers: Money, Lust, Healing, Travel, Exorcism, Protection

Common Magickal Uses and Folklore of Mint Leaves

  • Mint has long been used in healing potions and mixtures, and the fresh leaves rubbed against the head are said to relieve headaches.
  • Mint worn at the wrist assures that you will not be ill.
  • Stomach problems can be alleviated by stuffing a green poppet with mint and anointing it with healing oils.
  • Mint is also used in travel spells and to provoke lust.
  • Its bright green leaves and crisp scent led to its use in money and prosperity spells, the easiest of which is to place a few leaves in the wallet or purse or rub where your money is kept.
  • To rid a space of evil, sprinkle saltwater with a sprinkler made of fresh springs of mint, marjoram, and rosemary.
  • Fresh mint laid on the altar will call good spirits to be present and aid you in magic.
  • Mint is also used in the home for protection.

The mentha, or mint, refers to a group of around 15 to 20 plant species, including peppermint and spearmint.

Mint has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any food. Learning how to use fresh herbs and spices such as mint to add flavor when cooking can also help cut down on sodium intake.

Mint is said to attract money and luck to a person. An old folklore method for this is to sprinkle fresh Mint Leaf into the bill section of a wallet. The Mint Leaf is then carried around in the wallet being changed out once a week. This is said to attract the money needed to payoff the bills a person has due at the time.

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