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Bergamot Herb

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Metaphysical Properties of Bergamot

Official Name: Monarda fistulosa
Other Names: Horsemint, Bee Balm, Monarda
Gender: Feminine
Element: Air
Common Magical Uses: Can be used to bring clarity and good working order to any situation's surface.

Bergamot is an aromatic plant that is usually thought of as a tea herb. Its spicy, citrus flavor is reminiscent of Earl Grey tea. Bergamot does have medicinal uses. It induces perspiration, lowers fevers, and through its carminative action, aids digestion.

Bergamot is associated to the Sun, this makes it great ingredient for spells or rituals that focus on the Sun. For those who follow a Deity that is of the Sun such as Apollo, offerings of Bergamot could be used to gain a boon from the Deity. Placing Bergamot on an altar dedicated to a Sun Deity is a method for building a stronger connection to the Deity.

Meditation while burning Bergamot or using Bergamot incense can assist with cleansing the Heart Chakra and allowing the energies of Love to flow freely to and from a person. 

Bergamot has been used as an ingredient for spells and rituals with the intent of increasing the prosperity of a person or area. Rituals to bring a more positive and happy energy to a location can use Bergamot for an ingredient. 

The aroma of Bergamot have been used to bring confidence and encourage a person to acheive that which is needed. Meditation while burning Bergamot or an incense of Bergamot can work on the Solar Plexus Chakra which is associated to the release of emotions. This assists in the removal of the negative energies of fear, unworthiness and guilt. Bergamot can also be used assist in the opening of the Crown Chakra and connecting with the Higher Divine energies.

The aroma from Bergamot is also said to benificial to relieving tension and calming the nerves caused by the stress of every day life.

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