Blue Onyx
Blue Onyx
Blue Onyx
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Blue Onyx - Protection, Encouragement, Strength | Metaphysical Store, Stone Shop, Crystal Shop, Healing Crystals, Witchcraft Shop, Wiccan

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Blue Onyx

This is a dyed stone and will have the same properties as Onyx

Metaphysical Properties Of Blue Onyx

Chakras: Third Eye, Throat and Root Chakra
Zodiac: Leo
Planet: Mars, Saturn
Element: Fire
Vibration Number: Number 6

Mohs Hardness: 7

Typical Colors: Blue (Dyed)

Type of Stone: White Onyx, variety of chalcedony which is a cryptocrystalline variety of the quartz family.

Top Three Properties: Protection, Encouragement, Strength

Common Uses of Blue Onyx

Physical: Addictions, Alcoholism, Allergies, Birthing Problems and Health, Legs Strengthening, Obesity, Ovarian Disorders or Cysts

Emotional: Anxiety, Calming, Dispel or Release Negativity, Soothing

Spiritual: Divine Will, Grounding, Reducing Negative Energy

More Information About Blue Onyx

Blue Onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy, and helps to prevent the drain of personal energy. Blue Onyx aids in positive energy, emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially during stress, confusion, or grief. Blue Onyx helps with wise decision-making.

Use Blue Onyx to help encourage happiness and good fortune. Blue Onyx is a strength-giving stone and can support self-discipline issues, as it helps to hold physical memories, and can be used to disrupt negativity from your past. Blue Onyx helps heal old wounds or past life issues. Blue Onyx has been used to enhance intuition, remove toxic traits and help cancel negative habits.

Blue Onyx is excellent for meditation and dreaming, as a stone for bringing order to the chaotic mind. Blue Onyx can be used to find a natural balance between the feminine and masculine energies. We recommend using Blue Onyx for these purposes while using a secondary grounding stone such as Tourmaline, Obsidian, or any other earth energy stone. Blue Onyx aids in becoming a master of one's future.

Blue Onyx has been used to clear and focus on the Third eye and Throat chakras, as a form of Onyx it is also able to be used for the Root Chakra.