Chervil Leaf
Chervil Leaf
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Chervil Leaf

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Metaphysical Properties Of Chervil Leaf

Official Name: Anthriscus cere folium

Other Names: Beaked Parsley, French Parsley, Garden Chervil, Gourmet Parsley, Salad Chervil

Energy: Masculine (and Feminine according to some)
Element: Water
Metaphysical Powers: Healing, Flatulence, Superstition, New Life, Contact Spirits

Chervil is native to the Caucasus and was taken to parts of Asia and most of Europe by the Romans, however modern day cultivation does not occur in India.

Chervil Leaf is a relative to Parsley as well as the Carrot. Chervil Leaf has a similar but lighter taste to anise or licorice. The French have Chervil Leaf as a traditional fines herbes along with chives, tarragon, and parsley. The French also use Chervil Leaf as a culinary use with some milder flavored foods like trout, salmon, mild cheese or in an herbal butter and as a general flavoring in food prep where the roots and leaves are the most common

Chervil Leaf contains a high amount of calcium and is an excellent natural source of this mineral.

Occasionally, Chervil Leaf is used in a spring tonic to purify the kidneys and the liver. In addition, chervil is an excellent remedy for easing digestive problems and is known to be valuable in treating poor memory and mental depression.

Chervil Leaf is said to be an herb that can be used in all spells and rituals for contacing loved ones that are deceased. Chervil Leaf can be used in sachets and charms for bringing wisdom. 

Chervil Leaf is usedin rituals for higher self and opening a connection to the divine immortal spirit.

According to folklore Chervil Leaf symbolize sincerity, the folklore also says to carry Chervil Leaf to become more marry, feel more youthful and to sharpen your wit. 

Chervil Leaf is used in multiple teachings as an assistance for Spiritual Growth and to enhance the peace in an area. 

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