Gold 4in. Chime Candle - Wealth, Intuition, Divination freeshipping - In Spyrit Metaphysical

Gold 4in. Chime Candle - Wealth, Intuition, Divination

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This a great 4" Gold candle, perfect size for altars, rituals, and ceremonies.

Gold is associated with the God, Solar magics, Solar energy, power, achievement, physical strength, success, skills sought, mental growth, healing energy, intuition, wealth, divination, safety, winning, power, happiness, and playful humor.

Gold candles are the candles of success and money. Golden candles remind us of the desire to succeed, the brightness of the Sun. The Sun has been a star admired by many religions and different parts of the planet, so it has had an essential meaning. Without it, we could not live and because its contribution to the level of energy is critical.

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