Green Sardonyx
Green Sardonyx
Green Sardonyx
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Green Sardonyx - Protect, Strength, Courage

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Metaphysical Properties Of Green Sardonyx

Chakras: Earth Star Chakra, Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Third Eye Chakra
Zodiac: Aries
Birthstone: August
Element: Earth, Fire
Typical Colors: Green with white bands
Metaphysical Properties: Protect, Strength, Courage

Magickal Properties

  • Sardonyx encourages us to treat all beings with respect
  • Sardonyx reminds our true happiness lies in helping ourselves and helping others
  • Sardonyx is a powerful stone for a happy and healthy marriage
  • Sardonyx encourages us to create a meaningful existence actively
  • Sardonyx can attract new friends and beautiful partnerships

Sardonyx promotes strength and courage. It helps us to stay grounded, confident, and hopeful. Green Sardonyx assists with the ability to interpret information and distinguish between truth and fiction. Green Sardonyx gives the strength and determination needed to accomplish goals. Roman soldiers use to wear rings made of Sardonyx carved with an image of Mars (Ares) for protection in battle.

Sardonyx supports forming healthy life habits and sound decision-making. Sardonyx allows self-control. It is a protective stone. Those seeking to work with Earth energy or with Earth Elementals a Green Sardonyx would be beneficial to carry. 

Green Sardonyx attracts good fortune and positive energy. Green Sardonyx helps one to see opportunities for prosperity and good luck in all areas of life. The stone has a natural, balancing energy that guides one to tune with one's surroundings and find a happy medium in one's life. Green Sardonyx as all green stones will help with starting new beginings or "turning over a new leaf". If Green Sardonyx is placed under the head of the bed (we don't recommend under the pillow) it can encourage a blissful and well rested night of sleep.

Green Sardonyx encourages motivation, willpower, discipline, and strength of character. Sard stones have been in use since the bronze age. Sardonyx relates to the fact that it is a mixture of Onyx and Sard, a type of Orange Carnelian known in ancient times. 

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