Heather Flower
Heather Flower
Heather Flower
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Heather Flower

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Heather Flower


Metaphysical Properties Of Heather Flower

Official Name: Calluna spp

Other Names: Common Heather, Heath, Ling, Scottish Heather
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Deity: Isis
Metaphysical Powers: Protection, Rain-Making, Luck

Common Magickal Uses and Folklore Heather Flower

  • Carry to guard against rape and other violent crimes or to bring good luck. White Heather is best for this purpose.
  • When burned with fern outside, it will attract rain.
  • Heather has also long been used to conjure ghosts.

Heather has a long history of medicinal and spiritual uses that dates back over a thousand years. It is cultivated by many cultures for its fairy magick.

It has been used in baths to tone muscles and soothe pain. Heather is both an antiseptic and a diuretic, so please use caution.

Today Heather is used for treating nervous complaints, cardiac palpitations, migraines, and problems associated with menstruation. The essence from its flowers is an aid for the self-obsessed with no thoughts or time to give to others; it promotes the spirit and a better awareness of other's needs.

Magickal Properties of Heather Flower

Heather can open portals between this world and the fairy world. The Fae associated with this flower is often attracted to shy people.

White Heather is the luckiest and protects against violent assault, especially rape.

Sleeping on a pillow stuffed with this magick herb may bring dreams that foretell good fortune.

It has been said then when Heather is burned outside with fern, it brings rain.

In Ireland, it has been used to conjure the spirits of the dead.

Heather is both helpful to those who shapeshift and protect against harmful shifters.

Heather Flower is used in some practices as an ingredient for sachets and charms  when going to places of chance or when a boost to a person's luck is desired such as court or a casino.

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