Hyssop Leaf & Flower
Hyssop Leaf & Flower
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Hyssop Leaf and Flower

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Metaphysical Properties of Hyssop Leaf and Flower

Official Name: Hyssopus officinalis
Other Names: Hyssop Herb, Isopo, Ysopo, Yssop
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire
Metaphysical Uses: Purification, Protection

Common Magickal Uses and Folkore of Hyssop Leaf and Flower

Hyssop Leaf and Flower is used mostly for purification herb magic. It's added to baths in sachets, infused and sprinkled on objects or people to cleanse them, and hung around the house to purge it of negativity and evil.

Hyssop is a small shrub in the Mint family. Hyssop is used in herbal medicine as an antiseptic and a cough reliever.

French country cooking occasionally uses Hyssop for a roasting herb or salad topping, and the leaves are a savory addition to broths and teas. Hyssop is used in the famous herbal liqueurs Chartreuse and Benedictine.

Oil of Hyssop adds a sweet, herbaceous note to perfume. Some people liken its aroma to lavender.

Hyssop is one of the most ancient ritual herbs. It is native to Southern Europe. It has been used for millennia for cleansing and consecration. In the Middle Ages, Hyssop was known as an excellent filling herb. The presence of Hyssop was believed to discourage the plague and bring purity to the home.

Witches that work with Hyssop have several options. Cut and sifted Hyssop is found at metaphysical shops, new age shops, and some health food stores.

Hyssop Leaf and Flower is used in charms and sachets to avert the Evil Eye and other hexes. Hyssop Leaf and Flower have links back to Biblical times as God commanded his people to use Hyssop to cleanse the temple. During Passover the Hebrews use Hyssop Leaf and Flower to protect themselve from the Angel of Death. According to the Gospel of John, the branch that held the sponge Jesus drank from on the Cross was a Hyssop branch. 

In more recent times Hyssop Leaf and Flower have found to be used in tinctures and tonics to cleanse the body inside and out from any curses or hexes along with any wrong doings the person has done.

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