Iron Bundles - Protection, Defensive Magic, Strength

Iron Bundles - Protection, Defensive Magic, Strength

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Metaphysical Properties of Cast Iron

Energy: Projective
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Deity: Selene
Associated Stones: Quartz Crystal, Holey Stones
Associated Metals: Lodestone, Meteorite
Powers: Protection, Defensive Magic, Strength, Healing, Grounding, Return of Stolen Goods

Magical and Ritual Lore

  • For heavy protection, place small pieces of Iron in each room of the house or buy at the four corners of your property. 
  • In earlier times, Iron fences were sometimes used to halt the flow of energy into the home.
  • Wearing Iron or carrying a small piece enhances physical strength and is an excellent talisman for athletes.
  • Iron is also used in healing rituals. A small piece is placed beneath a pillow at night. This was done to scare away the demons that caused the disease but can be thought of as strengthening the body's ability to heal itself.

Incorporating magickal objects into rituals and spellcraft, a piece of Iron is essential; many altars have at least one piece of Iron placed upon them. A cast-iron cauldron is traditional and handy for any modern witch, for tasks ranging from burning herbs and incense to magickal scrying and divination to kitchen witchery and cooking magick. Iron is a symbol of strength, protection, and life-giving warmth, as it is seen as a combination of Earth and Fire elements. Iron was once the most durable metal known to man, and this was reflected in mythology and folklore. Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, was forged of Iron, and even in the Norse myths, the legendary heat retention properties of Iron were demonstrated: the hammer would become so hot when thrown, Thor wore iron gloves to protect his hands. The legendary strength and durability of Iron make it a natural component in spells of protection. Many a witch obtains Iron items, such as antique keys, padlocks, or spikes, and places them by the door of his or her home to keep out poltergeists and other unwanted spiritual visitors.

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