Lotus Petals
Lotus Petals
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Lotus Petals

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Metaphysical Properties Of Lotus Petals At A Glance

Nelumbium nelumbo

Other Names: Baino, Egyptian Lotus
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Metaphysical Uses: Protection, Lock-Opening

Common Magical Uses of Lotus Petals

Anyone who breathes the scent of the lotus will receive its protection.

Lotus petals: The lotus flower is an old and significant symbol in many religions, especially Hinduism and Buddhism. The lotus flower was known as "Seshen" in Egypt and cultivated in ponds due to its multiple meaning and association with their gods. It was believed that the lotus flower offered strength and power. The purple lotus flower is mystical and spiritual, and its eight petals signify the Noble Eightfold Path to self-awakening.

What the flow and the petals signify:

  • Patience
  • Purity
  • Mysticism
  • Direct Spiritual Contact
  • Emptiness from Desire
  • Victory over Attachments
  • Enlightenment and the Bodhi State
  • Love and Compassion for All Things
  • Self-Awareness
  • Faithfulness During Spiritual Development
  • Rising Out of Suffering

The Lotus Petals embodies all of the powerful, eloquent qualities of the lotus flower. Still, it is particularly ideal for fertility spells, as the seed pockets can represent the female womb. Incorporating lotus root into your rituals can help you open your root chakra, draw love into your life, call forth abundance, generate a more robust connection to the divine feminine, and overcome obstacles. When you find yourself in need of wisdom and strength, keep a lotus root handy and rise from the dirt to bloom into your beauty. 

Burning some Lotus Petals while doing meditation may assist in connection with the higher spiritual energies and Deities. Lotus Petals can also be used in a tea before performing any meditation or rituals to Deities of Love.

Adding Lotus Petals to our Dragon's Eye Mind and Body herbal Blend to be smoked or used in a tea can assist with acheiving a medatative state. We caution making sure your not needed to go anywhere when doing this as it causes your mind to shift to a more medatative or trance like state.

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