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Migraine Mint Blend


Migraine Mint blend of herbs may help ease the pain of migraines and other headaches. It can be used as tea, in a pipe, or cauldron.

We have seen many good results from users all over the country. We do not guarantee that it will help with all headaches since everyone is different but we have had great reviews on it. This is a blend of herbs that can be inhaled or burned in a cauldron to aid in the relief of headaches. This mix has a light mint aftertaste and may not work on everyone the same way. This mix has been tested by our shop members and has shown to be effective for some relief with various headaches and migraines.

It contains:

  • Mugwort
  • Mullein
  • Mint

Many people have ordered the migraine mint before, and we are glad that we can get it back online for you. If you have questions, please let us know.


Mugwort is an anti inflammatory, helps with digestive problems, helps with irregular menstruation, and high blood pressure. Can also be used as a laxative, sedative and liver tonic. Can help boost energy.


Mullein is also an anti inflammatory, a pain reliever, and has antitumor properties. Is an expectorant which means it helps getting rid of excess mucus in the chest and lungs, which can make you cough more.


Mint gives this blend a nice and refreashing taste. Is also an anti inflammatory and antibacterial. Helps treat stomach issues, boost immune systems, Helps morning sickness, can help managae stress.


The Migraine mint blend is a well combined mix that is great to help with not only migraines but with other issues as well. This mix is more of a blend to smoke but can be used as a tea as well and will help the same.

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