Pink Tourmaline Palm Stone
Pink Tourmaline Palm Stone
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Pink Tourmaline Palm Stone

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Metaphysical Properties Of Pink Tourmaline Palm Stone

Chakras: Heart Chakras
Zodiac: Virgo & Libra

Vibration: Number 9 & Number 99
Typical Colors: Commonly Black, but also brown, violet, green, pink, or in a dual-colored pink and green (watermelon)


Pink Tourmaline is one of the birthstones for those born in October.

Pink Tourmaline Palm Stone has a feminine energy and may help some men to find a balance with thier emotions.

Metaphysical Properties: Love, Inspiration, Supportive

Common Uses
Physical Uses: Eating Disorders, Headache and Migraine Relief, Hysterectomy, Physical or Mental Abuse, Reproductive Organs, Reproductive Organs Uterus, Spinal Injuries

Emotional Uses: Eases Depression, Fear, Love, Panic Attacks, Peace and Peacefulness, Relaxation, Removes Energy Blockages, Self Care, Self Confidence and Self Worth

Spiritual Uses: Serving Humanity

Pink Tourmaline Palm Stone has a beautiful energy that vibrates within both the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra, or throat chakra. This lovely pink crystal is high in lithium.

This inclusion of lithium helps emotional and mood-related issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress. Pink Tourmaline is recommended for those that suffer from heavy emotional pain, mild anxiety.

When worn as a pendant the stone is said to sheild the heart from negative energies, while rings can help with rebuilding the connections to others.

Like most heart-based stones, the vibration of this lovely crystal brings an influx of love, joy, and happiness into your life.

So if you have been feeling dejected, stressed, or lacking interest in life, this lovely pink stone will help to bring back your passion for living.

Pink Tourmaline Palm Stone is used to help reduce falls for people of all ages, can bring back a sense of childlike joy. Pink Tourmaline Palm Stone is a perfect stone for children as it is known to help them feel loved and safe.

Feng Shui practice says to put Pink Tourmaline around the bed to assist with grounding, support and balance.