Raspberry Leaf
Raspberry Leaf
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Raspberry Leaf

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Metaphysical Properties Of Raspberry Leaf

Official Name: Rubus idaeus

Other Names: European Raspberry, Red Raspberry
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Metaphysical Powers: Protection, Love

Common Magickal Uses and Folklore of Rasberry Leaf

  • The branches of the raspberry are hung up at doors and windows for protection.
  • Branches are hung when a death has occurred so that the spirit won't re-enter the house once it has left.
  • Raspberry is served as a love-inducing food.
  • Pregnant women carry the leaves to alleviate the pains of pregnancy and childbirth.

Raspberry's red color is like that of blood and is very potent in love-inducing magic. They can be used to strengthen and bring good fortune to marriage and are said to ensure faithfulness. Bathe in raspberry or raspberry leaves is said to keep a lover from straying and serves to encourage love.

Raspberries have been used to protect against defiant spirits and souls. Branches hung on doors and windows will reinforce this protection. Raspberry growing near the home is said to provide protection. When someone has died, hang raspberry branches on the door to discourage the spirit from entering the house. This way, they can transition easily into the next world.

Raspberry Leaf and fruit can be dried and made into an herbal amulet to strengthen the reproductive organs and protect pregnancy.

Steeping Raspberry Leaf in wine and serving the beverage to a lover will strengthen the relationship. Include raspberries in love-inducing foods and dishes to heighten attraction and arousal between lovers.

Raspberry Leaf has been known to be used as a sedative effect when used as a tea or smoked. Due to the relaxing effects of Raspberry Leaf - our herbalist Dragon's Eye and Lady Star Fawn - chose to add it to the Lady Star Fawn Anti-Anxiety Smoke Blend.

We strongly recommend discussing herbal remedies with a doctor before begining any self treatments.

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