Valerian Root
Valerian Root
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Valerian Root - Sleep, Love, Purification

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Valerian Root

Valeriana officinalis

Other Names: All Heal, Amantilla, Bloody Butcher, Capon's Trailer, Cat's Valerian, English Valerian, Fragrant Valerian, Garden Heliotrope, Phu, Red Valerian, St. George's Herb, Sete Wale, Set Well, Vandal Root
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Powers: Love, Sleep, Purification, Protection

Common Magical Uses of Valerian Root

This is an herb associated with Samhain and Yule. It is a European herb used in Eclectic medicine for the treatment of short-term depression.

It has been used in rituals for relieving self-condemnation and aids in developing self-acceptance. This herb helps to invoke paternal protection, purification, and consecrating thuribles. They are used in rituals for evoking animal spirits without using animal ingredients. Cats love it and will go after the herb just like they do with catnip.

It has a calming effect on the mind and body.

It is recommended not to drive while under the effects of valerian when taken internally.

Valerian Root is the number one suggested herbal sleep aid for deep sleep. Valerian Root can be ground down and added to protection sachets or sleep sachets. As a cleansing and purifying herb Valerian Root can be spread around ritual spaces. Valerian Root is used in some love spells, women wearing the herb are said to have men following them like children.

During the first world war Valerian Root was used to treat shell-shock, headaches, anxiety, cramps, ward against plague and even as an aphrodisiac. Historically Valerian Root was seen as a cure all, most medicines in the 16th century contained some amount of Valerian Root.

The strong aroma that comes from dried Valerian Root is where the herb received the use to ward off evil spirits and negative energies. It is said that sprinkling a fine dust of Valerian Root across your door will stop unwanted guests from trying to enter. 

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