White Peony Root
White Peony Root
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White Peony Root - Protection, Exorcism

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White Peony Root

Official Name: Paeonia officinalis

Other Names: Paeony, Piney
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Metaphysical Powers: Protection, Exorcism

Uses and Folklore of White Peony Root

  • Long revered for protective power.
  • When worn, it guards the body, spirit, and soul.
  • When placed in the home, it wards off evil spirits and is planted in the garden; it protects it against evil and storms.
  • The seeds are roots are hung around a child's neck to protect it from mischievous fairies and imps.
  • Used in Luck Charms
  • Promotes Prosperity

White Peony Root is called Bai Shao in traditional Chinese.

This herb is obtained by digging the roots of a 3-4-year-old cultivated white peony plant in the summer and autumn, which is then washed and cooked in warm water and finally dried in the sun. The end result is a peeled root with a white to pink appearance, unlike the red peony root with its outer layer and red color intact.

White Peony Root can be used to create multiple types of charms or wards. Charms of Luck and Prosperity can have White Peony Root as part or the base. Wards against negativity or entities can be made useing White Peony Root, charms to assist in exercisms may be partly made of White Peony Root. Wards against misfortune usually have White Peony Root in them. 

Medicinally White Peony Root has a history of being used in traditional Chinese herbal remedies. Scientific research has found that White Peony Root may be of assistance for pain, mood disorders, hyperpigmentation, and improving blood flow. Practitioners of  traditional Chinese Medincine has used White Peony Root to aid in emotional stability and to increase the mental focus in patients.

White Peony Root contains anti-inflamitory and antioxidants, with these properties it is believed that White Peony Root could be useful in keeping skin healthy and skincare products. 

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