White Sage and how to use it

White Sage its a burn

White sage sticks

When you come home at night feeling like you got hit by a Mack truck and your home feels Blah, what do you think will help you.

We suggest burning some white sage to clean the air and to remove unwanted energy from your home 

White sage has cleanses and protects. Using this product in your home will kill 98% of air born viruses and bacteria just burning it, you cant beat that. Use it for it's cleansing property to remove residual energy.

If you have unwanted energy in your home I would suggest looking into blue sage or a combination of blue & white sage but that will be another blog. 

When you use it to cleanse the air and bring back the positive in your home burn it for about 10 min in the area your trying to clear; like living room, bed room and kitchens, etcetera. We also have a rose petal sage if you're wanting love or that energy, that will be in a later blog.  

White sage come in lots of deferent forms like white sage stick, white sage loose, incense, and oil. You can buy it where you have a combination of one or two deferent herbs or sages added to the stick. Like white sage blue sage mix or white sage and lavender or even white sage and rosemary. No matter what combo, you do you will get the benefits of what ever is added to the sage.

I like to burn it in a cauldron with a charcoal tab and add in loose white sage with many herbs. It gives the sage a better smell (white sage is strong) and to push out unwanted energy. 

To calm house down fast add some palo santo to the burn and it will drop the energy in the home quickly. It works very fast when burned in your home.

In summary, burning white sage will help to clear energy and to bring positive energy back into your home.  Try it and let us know how it works.  

Native elders teach that the smoke of dried sage clears negative energy and restores harmony. The smoke created by smudging connects our physical plane to the realm of the sacred, and opens a portal to the world of subtle spiritual energies. Our sage is ethically sourced and in accordance with the tribes in California.