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Who We Are

In this world we experience many things that seem out of the ordinary. We are taught that there are certain things that one cannot or should not do. Many people feel lost or uncertain because they see, hear and feel things differently than others. Some call it being sensitive, gifted or many times just plain crazy.
In Spyrit Metaphysical & Des Moines Paranormal is a unique store combination. We offer metaphysical supplies, herbs, Stones and more for healing, Spells, rituals and ceremonies. We also offer paranormal counseling and help at our spiritual store.

We hand-select the best healing crystals, healing stones, herbs, spiritual supplies, woods, Palo Santo, sage, spiritual mini kits, and more. Contact us for custom-made kits!
We also create local and homemade bath salts and scrubs because we believe in treating the body with the safest and best ingredients.

Browse our beautiful metaphysical gifts including crystal pendulums, cast iron cauldrons, crystal pendants and necklaces, metaphysical jewelry, and much MORE!
In Spyrit Metaphysical is not just a store it is a collection of experiences that to many seem wrong or far fetched. A safe haven for the spiritually inclined. There are over a hundred combined years of knowledge there and priests on staff. It is a nonjudgement location. 
Madam T: 
A mystic that has been able to see, hear and communicate with entities all her life. She has a well rounded knowledge of stones, crystals, herbs and spiritual interactions. 
 An empath who feels energies around him and can tell if they are environmental or spiritual in nature. He has a well rounded knowledge of stones, crystals including Moldavite and tektites. He is a paranormal investigator that can help individuals understand and remove energy. 
A very powerful empath, she feels the emotions from people and entities around. She can assist individuals in learning how to deal with the energy around. She has a great knowledge of the stones and crystals and their uses. She also creates bath salts to assist individuals seeking solace and comfort.
A strong empath as well and has extensive knowledge of stones, crystals, herbs - their uses and how they can impact an individual's life. 
At In Spyrit Metaphysical you can expect to find a knowledgeable staff, a safe environment and learn about the many things that nature has to offer. If you find yourself looking for a specific stone, crystal or herb, if it is not in the store, let the staff know and we will do our best to get it for you. 
In Spyrit Metaphysical is a one of a kind metaphysical and paranormal shop. That is Spyrit with a “Y”, we put the “ism” in spiritualism.

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