Pot of Gold Cast Iron Cauldron - Strength, Protection, Wealth In Spyrit Metaphysical
Pot of Gold Cast Iron Cauldron - Strength, Protection, Wealth In Spyrit Metaphysical
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Pot of Gold Cast Iron Cauldron - Strength, Protection, Wealth In Spyrit Metaphysical
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Pot of Gold Cast Iron Cauldron - Strength, Protection, Wealth In Spyrit Metaphysical

Pot of Gold Cast Iron Cauldron

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Enhance Your Life with Pot of Gold Cast Iron Cauldron



This is our gold cauldron it is approximately 3" tall by 2 3/4" wide by 2 1/8" deep. It has been painted with high-temperature heat paint that withstands up to 500 degrees.

A cauldron is a metal pot for magical work. When burning a candle inside of it, you may want to put a layer of sand on the bottom. The cauldron should be large enough to hold melted wax and to burn twigs inside being hazardous. Preferably a lidded cauldron is the best to put out any fire inside of it.

The color gold represents God, Solar magics, Solar energy, power, achievement, physical strength, success, skills sought, mental growth, healing energy, intuition, wealth, divination, safety, winning, power, happiness, playful humor

Metaphysical Properties of Iron

Energy: Projective
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Deity: Selene
Associated Stones: Quartz Crystal, Holey Stones
Associated Metals: Lodestone, Meteorite
Powers: Protection, Defensive Magic, Strength, Healing, Grounding, Return of Stolen Goods

Magickal and Ritual Folklore

  • Herbs were usually collected with noniron knives, owing to the belief that the vibrations of this metal would "jam" or "confuse" the herb's energies.
  • The Hindus once believed that the use of iron in buildings would spread epidemics, and even to this day, a gift of iron in any form is thought by some to be unlucky.
  • Iron was worn or used in protective rituals. Its powerful, projective vibrations were thought to be feared by demons.
  • In old Scotland, iron was used to avert danger when a death had occurred in the house. Iron nails or knitting needles were thrust into every item of food--cheese, grain, meat, and so on-- to act as a lightning rod, attracting the confusing vibrations that death may arouse within the living and thus sparing the food from contamination.

Iron was once the most durable metal known to man, which was reflected in mythology and folklore. Thor's hammer Mjolnir was forged of iron, and even in the Norse myths, the legendary heat retention properties of iron were demonstrated: the hammer would become so hot when thrown, Thor wore iron gloves to protect his hands. The legendary strength and durability of iron make it a natural component in spells of protection. Many a witch obtains iron items, such as antique keys, padlocks, or spikes, and places them by the door of their home to keep out poltergeists and other unwanted spiritual visitors.

Pot of Gold Cast Iron Cauldron is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their life. This premium quality cauldron is made of cast iron, which makes it durable and heat resistant. Its unique design and features make it the perfect tool for enhancing your strength, protection, and wealth.


The Pot of Gold Cast Iron Cauldron is not just any cauldron, it is designed to help you attract good luck, abundance, and prosperity. Its golden color signifies wealth and prosperity, while its cast iron material represents strength and endurance. When used appropriately, it can help you achieve your goals and objectives.


This cauldron is not only functional but also stylish. Its intricate design and fine craftsmanship make it a perfect decorative piece for any room in your house. It can be used as a center table accessory, a wall hanging, or even as a garden decoration. Its versatility and functionality make it a must-have for any home.


In addition to its unique design and features, the Pot of Gold Cast Iron Cauldron is easy to use and maintain. It is easy to clean and can be used for cooking, brewing, and as an incense burner. It can also be used for smudging and other spiritual rituals.


So, if you are looking to enhance your life with strength, protection, and wealth, the Pot of Gold Cast Iron Cauldron is the perfect tool for you. Buy now and experience the magic of this premium quality cauldron!

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