Angelica Root Angelica Root In Spyrit Metaphysical
Angelica Root Angelica Root In Spyrit Metaphysical
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Angelica Root

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Metaphysical Properties of Angelica Root

Official Name: Angelica archangelica

Other Names: Archangel, Masterwort, Garden Angelica, Holy Ghost Root, Archangel Root, Dong Quai
Gender: Masculine
Deity: Venus
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Powers: Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Visions

Common Magickal Uses and Folklore of Angelica Root

  • Angelica root can be carried alone, added to amulets to increase longevity, ward off illness and evil spirits. It has been used as a talisman to aid luck in gambling.

  • The leaves have been added to baths, potions, and oils and used to remove curses and spells. Burning the leaves is a great way to banish evil in areas.

  • Angelica is instrumental in the exorcisms of both homes and persons. Angelica is an excellent incense for exorcisms, and protection. It can be sprinkled around a home to protect both the house and those inside from dark magic.

  • Add the dried root to incense, potpourris, floor washes, and baths to break jinxes and purify the home.

  • Angelica is a powerful guardian as it can banish negativity as well as attract positive energy. The root portion is used in spellcraft.

Angelica root is available in dried form and as an essential oil. It grows wild in many places; it is not extremely heat tolerant. Use care when gathering it in the wild because it resembles Queen Anne’s Lace (a soft wild carrot) and Water Hemlock (a poisonous plant).

Keeping Angelica in a white bag, it can be charged to protect a baby. Smoking of the leaves may increase clairvoyance and aid in visions. Use caution; it does not take much; do not smoke it often.  DO NOT USE AS A SMOKING BLEND. DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT.

It has been used in culinary as the leaves contain a high concentration of sugar. So, it has been used as a substitute for sugar in acidic fruit dishes and other recipes to reduce the amount of actual sugar needed. The dried leaves are a great addition to herbal teas to sweeten them and reduce bitterness. Crystallized stems have been used as treats and garnish for many years.

Angelica is one of the known ingredients in the Fiery Wall of Protection casting in Hoodoo.


Angelica Root is known to be safe to use as incense, spiritual work, or ritual ingredient. Consult a doctor or herbalist before use. Always practice caution handling essential oils, and never take them internally without guidance from a medical practitioner.

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