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Anti Anxiety Tea Mix Lady Star Fawn

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Lady Star Fawn Anti Anxiety Tea

We created Lady Star Fawn's Anti Anxiety blend to help with feeling calm. It can be burned in a cauldron or pipe and can also be used as tea. 

The Lady Star Fawn Anti Anxiety Tea has a very relaxing effect on a person, our herbalist Dragon's Eye was out of commission for a few hours after testing this mix himself. The Lady Star Fawn Anti Anxiety Tea can be smoked (as Dragon's Eye used it) or as a tea when feeling on edge, however we recommend using it as a tea to stay calm, before going to a location that could cause a person to feel on edge.

Lady Star Fawn Anti Anxiety Tea can be used before going to bed as a way of relaxing and letting go of the days issues. We recommend using a Muslim Bag or a tea dipper (wire mesh ball for dry herbal teas) to make this tea. The Muslim Bags can be cleaned and re-used for other teas after each use. 

The ingredients and purposes in creating this are:

The Chamomile was picked for Lady Star Fawn Anti Anxiety Tea due to its ability to cause relaxation and calming effects. Red Raspberry Leaf was chosen as the main ingredient because it has shown to relax the body and ease the mind. Spearmint was the flavor addition to Lady Star Fawn Anti Anxiety Tea, the benefits of having a soothing like effect just added to the benefits of using it in this blend, and Dragon's Eye says that when smoked it doesn't over power the Red Raspberry flavor.

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