Ashwagandha - Concentration, Endurance, Deep Sleep
Ashwagandha - Concentration, Endurance, Deep Sleep
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Ashwagandha - Concentration, Endurance, Deep Sleep

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Metaphysical Properties Of Ashwagandha

Official Name: Withania somnifera

Other Names: Indian Ginseng, Poison Gooseberry, Winter Cherry
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Metaphysical Powers: Concentration, Endurance, Deep Sleep

Common Magickal Uses and Folklore of Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha has well over 4,000 years of traditional use in India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

Often referred to as "Indian Ginseng," it is traditionally used in conditions of weakness, malnutrition, impotence, and premature aging. It is also referred to as Winter Cherry. Roughly the name Ashwagandha is translated as "the smell and strength of a horse," referring to its aphrodisiac properties. The plant is a Tonic and an Adaptogen. Culturally the Middle East has used it to help normalize sleep patterns and healthy inflammatory responses.

Even though it is sometimes called "Indian Ginseng, the two are not related.

Ashwagandha is also known to aid in rejuvenation and longevity. This herb's natural properties can help calm and boost stamina. It restores balance in the body. The herb is called Rayasana in the Ayurveda tradition; it translates to an 'herb that rejuvenates.'

Ashwagandha, aids in the physical, mental, and spiritual journey; it can also aid in decalcifying the pineal gland and Third Eye Awakening experiences. Ayurvedic practitioners used various herbs to assist with the opening and balancing of the Chakra centers. Ashwagandha is traditionally used to strengthen and unblock the Root Chakra. This practice is a vital part of the Third Eye Opening process; one must be rooted for spiritual experience and simultaneously grounded. Rooting creates an energetic balance. This is an essential trait when raising kundalini energy, downloading information from the fourth dimension (astral plane), Fifth Dimension (collective conscious), sixth dimension (sacred geometry), seventh dimension (cosmic sound), and the eighth dimension (divine mind) using the pineal gland as the transducer and the Third Eye as the decipherer.

This herb has positive effects on stress, anxiety, and mood. Multiple studies have shown that Ashwagandha extracts produce anxiety-relieving effects that are as powerful as commonly used anti-depressants, without the side effects.

Ashwagandha can enhance deep sleep. Studies have shown that the plant extracts can induce deep, restful sleep without the drowsiness commonly associated with many herbs and pharmaceutical medications. Ashwagandha can increase acetylcholine levels in the brain; these are correlated with memory, brain function, and intelligence.

Some studies have shown it can balance hormones and increased sexual vitality. Ashwagandha balances the thyroid and adrenal glands. One of the most incredible aspects and benefits of Ashwagandha is that it can help with hyper (overactive) and hypo (underactive) thyroid issues. The plant has in multiple studies proved instrumental in normalizing thyroid hormone levels.

Ashwagandha is a sacred herb and has been used in India for thousands of years to strengthen bones and increase spiritual wellbeing. Ashwagandha is the backbone of Ayurveda and is known to be perhaps the most powerful herb. In Vedic Sanskrit, Ashwagandha's name is compared to the strength and fortitude of a stallion.

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