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Benzoin Gum Powder

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Benzoin Gum Powder

Benzoin Gum Powder has been used as incense and perfume throughout history. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is known as a “yang” sedative. Effectively used as a remedy for congestion and clearing away stagnation. It’s very warming to the heart and increases circulation.

When burned, Benzoin has a beautiful vanilla undertone with earthy balsam notes. It is commonly used as a church incense because of its potent effects.

It awakens the conscious mind. Burn to purify, protect, for prosperity, for astral projection, or to increase mental powers. Benzoin resin is used in purification to clear out evil. Burn it in each room to spiritually cleanse a new home before moving in. It can be mixed with Camphor when using it for this manor.

It is used for purification, success, meditation, relaxation, peace, communication, love, creativity, emotional balance, and improving thought processes.

Benzoin Gum Powder is associated with 2 of the Wiccan Sabbats: Imbolc and the Autumn Equinox. It is used to help understand the mysteries behind the seasons. Benzoin can help in understanding the natural cycles of change. Benzoin is used to deliver focus and heighten concentration. It is a popular herb for those journeying into the astral world.

Magickly, Benzoin stimulates generosity and opens a closed-minded spirit experiencing selfishness.

Benzoin gum powder is a component of the incense for churches in Russia and Orthodox Christian organizations; it is even used in many Western Catholic Churches. Benzoin is used in the Arab States of the Persian Gulf and India; it is burned as an incense.

Benzoin gum powder can be used in magickal inks for sigils and inscriptions. When burnt with other herbs, the resin promotes prosperity, brings business or a shop, and money issues. When Benzoin is mixed with myrrh and frankincense, it is used as a hex-breaking incense and rituals to eliminate malevolent magic and entities that refuse to leave.

Benzoin resin is used clinically as a mild antiseptic to clean sores, cuts, wounds, and skin abrasions as tinctures of Benzoin or Benzoin in alcohol. Tincture of Benzoin mix is a topical adhesive agent used to enhance the adhesive tape.

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