Borage - Courage, Psychic Powers
Borage - Courage, Psychic Powers
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Borage - Courage, Psychic Powers

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Metaphysical Properties of Borage

Official Name: Borago officinalis

Also Known As: Bugloss, Burrage, Herb of Gladness, Star Flower, Borak, Lisan selvi, Lesan-El-Tour
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Air
Metaphysical Powers: Courage, Psychic Powers

Folklore and Magickal Uses of Borage

  • Carry the fresh blossoms to strengthen your courage, or place one in your buttonhole for protection when walking outdoors.

  • A tea of Borage induces psychic powers.

Borage is known for bringing in cheerful and courageous optimism and creating peace and harmony within its environment. Sprinkle Borage around the home or property to foster peace and calm. Though it's not recommended to be taken internally in today's world, it was used to treat various conditions in the past.

Many practitioners from various cultures favor Borage for its spirit-lifting and courage-inducing properties. Celtic warriors drank wine flavored with Borage for courage in battle; Roman soldiers would eat borage leaves and flowers for courage before engaging in battles. Medieval knights wore scarves that had the image of the flower sewn into them for the same reason.

Borage tea may increase psychic powers and offer some relief from the symptoms of depression. Many noted herbalists in historical records that considered it an effective anti-depressant due to the feeling of joy it induces.

Please note that anyone with liver issues should not use this herb. Please consult a medical professional or health provider before using this herb.

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