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Brown Chime Candle 4

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Brown Chime Candle 4"

Brown chime candle 4" is the perfect size candle for altars, rituals, and ceremonies.

Brown chime candles 4" are used in rituals in which we want to keep something we already have.

We use them when we want to keep something. Also, in remembering the earth and mother nature, it is also used in fertility rituals. If you are feeling sensitive, do not use brown candles. It is a candle that also evokes feelings from the past; you must have a strong spirit.

Brown is a color associated with Earth Riches, Endurance, Animal Health, Steadiness, Houses/Homes, Physical Objects, Uncertainties, Special Favors, Influence Friendships.

Brown candles are good for strong grounding, assists in clear thinking and helps with decision making. Promotes concentration, intuition, any material gain, wealth, common sense, and stability. Helps encourage telepathic abilities. Helps for manifestation magic and connecting with realms of animals and animal guides. Helps with lost objects being able to find them. Brown chime candle 4" calls for neutrality, understanding, balance and building trust. Is a candle for freindship. 

When using a brown chime candle 4" with medittion you create a pathway into nature magic. This includes trees, plants, and all kids of animal life as well as nature spirits. Such as sprites and wood nymphs. Could connect with all creatures found in the forests. 

Brown Chime candle 4" is a good candle for home protection. 

Zodiac= Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, Scorpio

Chakra= Feet, Sacral, Solar Plexus

Planets= Earth, Saturn, Pluto

Day= Saturday

Helps promote health, endurance, and courage, balance, grounding, nurtuting, earth magick, agriculture, travel, attracts money, help overcome financial crisis, financial success (especially if combined with a green candle). Rebirth and renewal, promotes concentration (especially when combined with yellow), learning, focus, decision making, promotes psychic powers, ESP, and telepathic abilities to find lost items. 

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