Calendula Petals (Marigold)
Calendula Petals (Marigold)
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Calendula Petals (Marigold)

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Calendula Petals (Marigold)

Official Name: Calendula officinalis

Other Names: Bride of the Sun, Calendula, Drunkard, Goldes, Holiglde, Husbandsman's Dial, Marybud, Marygold, Mary Gowles, Ruddes, Ruddles, Spousa Solis, Summer's Bride
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Metaphysical Powers: Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Legal Matters, Psychic Powers

Common Magickal Uses and Folklore of Calendula Petals (Marigold) 

  • Marigolds, picked at noon with the Sun, will strengthen and comfort the heart at its hottest and strongest.

  • Garlands of marigolds strung on the doorposts stop evil from entering the house.

  • When scattered under the bed, they will protect you while you sleep and make your dreams come true (prophetic dreams).

  • Marigolds are especially effective in dreaming about someone who is a thief.

  • Add Marigolds to your bathwater, and it will help win the respect and admiration of everyone you meet.

  • Looking at the bright flowers strengthens sight.

  • When Marigolds are carried in your pocket, it helps justice to smile favorably on you in court.

  • If a girl touches the petals of the Marigold with her bare feet, she will understand the languages of the birds.

Calendula Petals is a kind of marigold. There are two genera of Marigold — taget and calendula. Taget marigolds, also known as French marigolds, are the marigolds many people plant in their flower gardens or kids plant in school. Of the two kinds of marigolds, the calendula is used internally (and externally) for its health benefits.
Calendula Petals work in rituals for the sun or fire. In India Calendula Petals are traditionally used in wedding decorations as a symbol of passion, creativity or fertility. Lakshmi and Ganesh are connected to the Calendula. Mexican culture uses the Calendula to attract wealth. 

Calendula is used to help people that have a hard time communicating with others, Calendula helps to use words as a spiritual force, one that is open to creative and healing.

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