Chime Candle Set Chime Candle set 4" (Assorted) In Spyrit Metaphysical

Chime Candle set

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Assorted Chime Candle Set 4"


Chime Candle Set 4" -six ritual candles. These candles are the perfect addition to all of your rituals, spells, or conjures.


Red Chime Candle 4": Fire Elemental, Strength, Power, Energy, Health, Vigor, Enthusiasm, Courage, Passion, Sexuality, Vibrancy, Survival, Driving Force, Blood of the Moon, Physical activity, Creativity, warmth

Red should be used in moderation. Can be matereialism, materialistic ambition, focus, and can be quick to temper. Are great to call in material things to help.


Yellow Chime Candle 4": Air Elemental, Divination, Clairvoyance, Mental Alertness, Intellect, Memory, Prosperity, Learning, Changes, Harmony, Creativity, Self-Promotion, Happiness, Power of persuasion, Focus

Can promote clarity of your thoughts. Very stimulating


Green Chime Candle 4": Lord and Lady of the Wild Wood, Earth Elemental, Herb Magic, Nature Magic, Luck, Fertility, Healing, Balance, Courage, Work, Prosperity, Agriculture, Changing Direction or Attitude state, Money, Vitality, Growth

Green is the color of healing, signifing balance, peace


Dark Blue Chime Candle 4": The Goddess (Ritual Candle) Water Elemental, Impulse, Truth, Dreams, Protection, Change, Meditation, psychic abilites, relaxation, reassurance, intuition

Can help a seeker usually about spiritual truth


Orange Chime Candle 4": The God (Ritual Candle), Strength, Healing, Attracting Things, Vitality, Adaptability, Luck, Encouragement, Clearing the Mind, Dominance, Justice, Career Goals, Legal Matters, Selling, Action, Property Deals, Ambition, General Success, helps relationship to external world, increase immunity and sexual energy, creativity, frustration

Helps with creativity and thoughtfulness, Color of creation, embrass the feminine creator withing us all. Help with new relationships


Black Chime Candle 4": Protection, Ward Off Negativity, Remove Hexes, Spirit Contact, Night, The Universe, Truth, Remove Discord or Confusion, Binding for Spell work

Do not want to us all of the time. Use the candle for a certain amount of time the release that energy and let it go. Representing the unconscious and the mystery in things going on around you. The darkness of the color can help promote deep meditation. Helps against evil. Singifies that there may be some blocakages or something is hidden in you life. Helps destroy negative habits and patterns.


Chime Candle Set 

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