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Eucalyptus Powder Herb

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Metaphysical Properties Of Eucalyptus Powder

Official Name: Eucalyptus spp. globulus
Other Names: Blue Gum Tree, String Bark Tree
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Metaphysical Powers: Healing, Protection

Common Magickal Uses and Folklore of Eucalyptus

  • Stuff the leaves in a healing poppet and carry them to maintain your health.
  • Hang a small branch or twig of eucalyptus over a sickbed to make someone better.
  • To relieve colds, ring green candles with the leaves and pods and burn them to the candle holder, visualizing them as completely healthy.
  • Carry the leaves for protection.
  • Encourages balance

Please do not use it on the faces of small children.

The eucalyptus tree is a large, fast-growing evergreen that is native to Australia and Tasmania. The tree can grow to 375-480 feet (125-160 meters). Eucalyptus leaves are long, slender, oval in shape, and taper to a point, averaging 7-10 centimeters in length. The surface of the leaves is leathery, waxy, and has a grey to bluish-green hue. The leaves grow in an alternate pattern facing downwards and are covered in oil glands. Eucalyptus leaves are intensely aromatic with a mix of menthol, citrus, and pine. They impart intense flavors that are bitter and warm that finish with a cooling sensation on the palate.

Eucalyptus Powder can be used in healing spells and poppets for healing purposes. Eucalyptus has been used for protection spells and rituals. The aroma of Eucalyptus is said to calm agitation and stimulate the mind to acheive insight. When creating purification water Eucalyptus Powder is a recommended option. If making a healing salve is more your style using Eucalyptus Powder can be a great choice of ingrediant for salves to fight common cold.

Eucalyptus aroma is a great way to assist someone who is having an asthma attack. Eucalyptus contains antiseptic qualities that are effective at fighting micro-organisms, this effect has had enough effect that Eucalyptus is an ingredient in most cold medications. 

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