Feline Frenzy In Spyrit Metaphysical

Feline Frenzy

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Feline Frenzy

feline frenzy

Feline Frenzy is a mix that we created for our feline friends out there. This mix contains catnip and valerian root. 

This mix can help calm down those felines that have anxiety. 

Catnip can help enhance the moods of cats. Can make them sleepy and calm. Cats that sniff or eat the catnip can have different effects. Eating catnip can have a calming effect. Sniffing catnip can cause excitement and stimulation.

The effects can last from 5-30 minutes. Catnip doesn't affect all cats, also kittens younger than 1 year. (That is also why we added the valerian root). 

Valerian Root cats will roll around, playing, also may cause them to drool. Valerian Root is more on the active side for some cats. Running around, chasing things, pouncing on things. A cat can act aggressively, like hissing, laying back with ears tucked, and growling.

So that is why we added the catnip to the mix. If this happens just leave them alone for a bit and they will return to normal. 

The cats at our store have tried it and they love it. As well as the cats we have at home.