Gentian Gentian In Spyrit Metaphysical
Gentian Gentian In Spyrit Metaphysical
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Gentian Herb

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Metaphysical Properties Of Gentian Root

Official Name: Gentiana lutea .

Gender: Masculine
Planet: Mars, Mercury
Element: Fire
Zodiac: Virgo
Metaphysical Powers: Emotional Strength, Love

Common Magickal Uses and Folklore of Gentian Root

  • Gentian helps counteract the effects of evil spells, especially those that spin a web of illusory fantasies and lead to a loss of reality.

  • Gentian can help to regain a grip and see things for what they are.

  • It can be used as an amulet to help connect with the higher self and trust its guiding wisdom.

Gentian is a native herb of the high pastures of the Alps and the Himalayas Mountains. The roots take 7 to 10 growing seasons to mature.

Gentian root (Gentiana lutea L.) is a bitter herb in the Gentianaceae plant family. It has a very long history as herbal medicine, known for treating stomach ailments, liver disease, and helping with digestion. Today, Gentian can be found growing widely in Europe, China, and even North America.

Gentian herb is said to be named after the Illyrian king named Gentius (Illyria was a region in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula that was conquered by the Romans around 160 B.C.). Records show that Gentius was one of the first to discover the medicinal properties and use the herb to make healing tonics.

It is used for power and strength. A love-drawing herb; you can carry it in a conjure bag with the name of the one desired. Carrying Gentian in a sachet alone or with other herbs and stones for Love to attract Love to you. Most teachings warn to use caution when targeting someone with a love spell and agree that doing so can be considered a form of curse. 

Gentian can be carried as a protection against negativity and illusions to encourage negativity. Gentian is commonly used in spells and rituals for countering other spells and rituals.

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