Lycii (Goji) Berries
Lycii (Goji) Berries
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Lycii (Goji) Berries - Facing and Releasing Deep Emotion and Sorrow, Allowing Profound Inner Shifts

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Lycii (Goji) Berries


Also called the wolfberry.

  • Protects the eyes.
  • Provides immune system support.
  • Protects against cancer.
  • Promotes healthy skin.
  • Stabilizes blood sugar.
  • Improves depression, anxiety, and sleep.
  • Prevents liver damage.

Goji berries have long been used in traditional medicine to ward off illness and infection and naturally enhance immunity. In the Chinese culture Lycii (Goji) Berries symbolize longevity, and at one time was seen as a means to attain immortality. While most cultures consider Lycii (Goji) Berries to be a source of Yin, the Chinese culture used them as a source for both Yin and Yang.

According to a 30-day study in 60 older adults, drinking 4 ounces (120 mL) of goji berry juice per day increased levels of immune cells and improved general feelings of well-being. In a 3-month study in 150 older adults, goji berry supplements improved immune function in response to an influenza vaccine.

For Eye Health

A 90-day study in 150 older adults found that supplementing with goji berries increased blood antioxidant levels, prevented hypopigmentation of the macula (the central area of the retina), and helped soften fatty protein deposits under the retina.

Similarly, a study in 114 people with early macular degeneration showed that daily goji berry supplements improved the density of macular pigment, which may protect against the progression of macular degeneration.


Exercise caution if you’re pregnant, as they contain betaine, a compound that may harm fetal health. Further research is needed to determine whether goji berries are safe during pregnancy.

If you’re taking medications or have underlying health conditions, you may want to talk to your healthcare provider before adding goji berries to your diet.

Lycii (Goji) berries may interact with certain medications and trigger an allergic reaction in some people. Additional studies should evaluate whether these fruits are safe during pregnancy.

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