Marjoram Leaf
Marjoram Leaf
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Marjoram Leaf

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Metaphysical Properties Of Marjoram Leaf

Official Name: Origanum majorana

Other Names: Joy of the Mountain, Knotted Marjoram, Marjolaine, Mountain Mint, Pot Marjoram, Sweet Marjoram, Wintersweet
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Deities: Venus, Aphrodite
Metaphysical Powers: Protection, Love, Happiness Health, Money

Common Magickal Uses and Folklore of Majoram Leaf

  • Marjoram Leaf is used in love spells and added to food to strengthen love.
  • When carried or placed around the house (a bit in each room), it is an excellent protection herb.
  • Grown in the garden, it offers shielding powers against evil.
  • Violets and Marjoram Leaf, when mixed, and worn during the winter, will keep colds away.
  • When Marjoram is given to someone who is depressed, it will make them happy.
  • Marjoram is also used in money mixtures and sachets.

Marjoram has long been used for protection and prosperity. It is used in love magick, protection spells, and for respite from spiritual/psychic difficulty.

This herb is thought to be ESSENTIAL to love spells (especially sachets). It is said to create a barrier against sadness. It is believed that a person who bears Marjoram (or lives among them) may live happily ever after. Modern witches have used it to banish grieving and restore smiles and optimism.

Burn crushed Marjoram in the four corners of your room/house. Do this while laughing and singing happy songs to invite happy and benevolent spirits & the elemental energy. It is believed to banish harmful properties. Carry a sachet of Marjoram and Violet to help fight against seasonal flu and winter depression. This herbal mixture is pleasing to fairies.

A simple ritual for protection using marjoram leaf

 On a night of the waning Moon, sprinkle dried Marjoram leaves over the floor and leave it overnight. Imagine negativity is banished forever from your space. This is to include all jinxes and hexes, making sure that they too are broken. All negativity flees before the magic of this powerful Herb of Aphrodite. First thing in the morning, clean it with a regular broom or vacuum. And make sure to remove it from your home.

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