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Migraine Mint Dragons Eye

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Migraine Mint Blend


This is a blend of herbs that can be inhaled or burned in a cauldron to aid against head discomfort. This mix has a light mint aftertaste and may not work on everyone the same way. This mix has been tested by our shop members and has shown to be effective for some relief. 

Please note that due to rules for advertising we are unable to fully describe the uses of these herbs for this product, feel free to contact us to learn more.

It contains:

Mugwort: has been used by American Native Shamans for multiple uses including Vision quests. 

Mullein: is used in many teachings for cleansing the body and the air around a person 

Peppermint/Spearmint blend: This blend was mixed by our herbalist Dragon's Eye, he chose to create this blend both for the properties it would bring to this mix and as it would give the mix a minty aroma and flavor.

This mix is more of a blend to smoke but can be used as a tea as well and will help the same. Please be sure to mix the blend before use so that you get a balance of all the ingredients.

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