Olive Leaf
Olive Leaf
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Olive Leaf

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Metaphysical Properties Of Olive Leaf

Official Name: Olea europaea

Other Names: Olivier, Itm, Mitan
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Deities: Athena, Apollo, Irene, Minerva, Ra
Metaphysical Powers: Healing, Peace, Fertility, Potency, Protection, Lust

Common Magickal Uses and Folklore of Olive Leaf

  • The oil was burned in lamps to light temples in ancient times.
  • On an olive leaf, write Athena's name. Press this against the head or wear on the body, and it will cure a headache.
  • Olive oil has long been used as an anointing oil to aid in healing.
  • Olive leaves scattered or placed in a room spread a peaceful vibration throughout the area.
  • When eaten, olives ensure fertility and sexual potency in men and are also lust-inducing.
  • Athenian brides wore crowns of olive leaves to ensure their fertility.
  • An olive branch hung over the door, guards the house against all evils, and on the chimney wards off lightning.
  • Olive leaves, when worn, bring luck.

The olives are harvested in the green-to-purple stage, and they are more fully fleshed in orchards than in the wild. The seed of the olive is commonly referred to as the pit, and in Britain, it's called a stone. Researchers believe that the olive tree had its origin approximately 6,000–7,000 years ago in the region corresponding to ancient Persia and Mesopotamia.

The Olive Leaf was used in the practice calling on Athena to aid a person with the difficulties in life. Olive Leaf has been used in a practice of spreading the leaves around a room to spread a sense of peace. During anceint Greek weddings in Athens, the Athenian bride would wear a crown of Olive Leaf to enhance her fertility. Olive Leaf and branches were hung over doors to protect against negative energies and entities and on the chimney to ward away lightning strikes.

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