Oregano Leaf Oregano Leaf In Spyrit Metaphysical
Oregano Leaf Oregano Leaf In Spyrit Metaphysical
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Oregano Leaf Herb

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Metaphysical Properties Of Oregano Leaf

Official Name: Origanum vulgare

Other Names: Wild Majoram, Tigani, Bastard Marjoram, Greek Oregano
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Diety: Aphrodite
Energies: Peace
Metaphysical Powers: Psychic Dreams, Courage, Luck

Common Magickal Uses and Folklore of Oregano Leaf

  • Sprinkle onto foods, especially cheese pizza, to give them peaceful energy. Using organic on a pizza that contains meat will cancel its effect.

Oregano Leaf is a Mediterranean herb used for cooking and medicinal purposes, ranging from treating infections to repelling insects. Active ingredients in oregano could one day help treat osteoporosis, cancer, and diabetes.

Oregano essential oil is incredibly high in carvacrol and thymol, two antioxidants that can help prevent damage to cells caused by free radicals.

Test-tube studies compared the antimicrobial activity of oregano, sage, and thyme essential oils. Oregano is one of the most efficient essential oils against bacteria, second to thyme. One test-tube study showed that oregano essential oil helped block the growth of Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, two strains of bacteria that can cause infection. Another test-tube study found that oregano was effective against 23 species of bacteria. These studies have found that oregano and its components may be effective against certain strains of bacteria.

These compounds not only neutralize free radical damage but may aid in cancer prevention. Some test-tube studies have shown that oregano and its components may help kill cancer cells. One study treated human colon cancer cells with oregano extract and found that it stopped the growth of cancer cells and helped kill them off. Another study showed that carvacrol, one of the components in oregano, also helped suppress the growth and spread of colon cancer cells.

Oregano can assist with courage, Forget old lovers, bring happiness, assist in letting go, justice, love spell, luck spell, aid in tranquility, Psychic Dreams, and Protection.

Courage: A bath infusion of oregano can assist in calming nerves, giving clarity to the face of adversity.

Happiness: Oregano is used for happiness charms to invoke feelings of joy.

Forget Old Lovers: Crush the leaves of the oregano plant, let the smell envelope the senses, then drop the leaves and walk away.

Justice: Burn dried oregano leaves and send intentions through the smoke that justice will be served.

Letting Go: Burn oregano incense and decorate a loved one’s grave with oregano to help aid in letting go and help them move on.

Love: Add oregano leaf to love potions and spells to help deepen an existing relationship.

Luck: Dress a candle or good luck charm with oregano essential oil.

Protection: Grind up dried oregano and add it to the carpet sprinkle to protect a home.

Psychic Dreams: Tuck oregano leaf sprigs into a pillow to help conjure prophetic dreams.

Tranquility: Keep potted plants in rooms that experience high tension. OreganoLeaf will lessen the effects of any harmful words, thoughts, and vibes.

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