Passion Flower
Passion Flower
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Passion Flower

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Metaphysical Properties Of Passion Flower

Official Name: Passiflora incarnata

Other Names: Grandilla, Caracoc, Maypops, Passion Vine
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Venus 
Element: Water
Metaphysical Powers: Peace, Sleep, Friendships

Common Magickal Uses and Folklore of Passion Flower

  • Contrary to its name, the passionflower is placed in the house to calm problems and troubles and bring peace.
  • When carried, it attracts friends and has great popularity.
  • Placed under the pillow will help you relax.

Passion Flower has been used in rituals and spells for enhancing or attracting love. When used in a bedroom the Passion Flower is said to enhance lust as well as encourage lust. 

Has been said to enhance and attract friends when carried as well as enhancing a person's popularity. When having issues with those in an area, Passion Flower is said to bring peace to a person and location.

Passion Flower can be added to a Dream Pillow with Mugwort to help induce relaxation and Lucid Dreaming. Passion Flower mixed with Chamomile for a tea can assist with calming effects.

We strongly recommend discussing the use of herbal remedies with a doctor before starting them as some herbs can counteract prescribed medications.


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