Red Oak Red Oak In Spyrit Metaphysical
Red Oak Red Oak In Spyrit Metaphysical
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Red Oak Wood

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Metaphysical Properties Of Red Oak Bark

Gender: Masculine
Zodiac: Aquarius
Planet: Sun
Deity: Zeus, Thor, Hecate, Pan, Rhea
Element: Fire & Water
Metaphysical Powers: Power, Survival, Ancient Wisdom, Authority, Leadership, Wise Rulership, Métier, Resolute Will, Safety, Generosity, Universal Law, Dignity, Truthfulness, Courage, Steadiness.

Common Magickal Uses and Folklore of Red Oak

  • Red Oak does not take well to iron, so this makes it a very happy fairy tree.
  • Planting an acorn on the night of the new moon will ensure that abundance will grow in your life.
  • Keeping an acorn on your person brings fertility. This doesn’t necessarily mean physical fertility but can also bring you fertility of ideas, creativity, or abundance.
  • Wearing an oak leaf close to your heart will ensure that that you will not mislead you.

Light Workers of all ages have long held that the Oak Spirit guides the pathway between the worlds – the Earth Plane, the Devas, and the Divine. It may also act as a portal for Aliens, Ancient Spirits, the Ancestors, and the Akashic records.

The magical Oak appears in many ancient spells, charms, and amulet instructions. Carrying an acorn acts as a talisman against illness and an amulet that keeps the bearer young and fertile. Oakwood itself brings good luck so long as you ask the Tree Spirit’s permission beforehand.

The scent of Oak provides grounding and stabilizing energy, mainly when mixed with Cedar and Patchouli.

The primary symbolism and meanings for the mighty Oak tree comes from the Celts, the Celts had a custom that anyone wearing Oak leaves was someone of a higher status regardless if the leaves were real or not. The Red Oak is just as important to the Druidic teachings as any Oak tree is, so much so that witnessing any Oak tree being struck by lightning was a sign of the Gods showing the Oak tree's strength and endurance. Most Oak trees struck by lightning have continued living to be over 100 years old, this is believed to be why the Druids revered the mighty Oak as a symbol for longevity and strength. The Red Oak is considered to be connected to Fire energy and has shown issues when Iron is used on it. This could be seen as the Druidic teachings say, the Red Oak is a tree to the Fey.

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