Samhain ritual kit Samhain Ritual kit with Pumpkin spice bath salts must have In Spyrit Metaphysical

Samhain Ritual kit Bath salts

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Samhain Ritual Kit

This is a Samhain Ritual Kit. That includes a pumpkin bath salt, a tea blend, a attachment remover blend, some stones, and herbs. This is the holiday that others know as Halloween. Samhain is usually held on the evening of October 31st through November 1st. Comes from the Celtic and also is druidic. Marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning the winter season. Starting a new cycle of the year. The Witches New Year. Celebrating the dead and reincarnation of family and or friends. Around this time of year the vails are the thinnest between the spirit world and the human world. So it is a easier to communicate with your ancesters and past loved ones. This holiday is also known as All Saints Day, or Festival of the Dead. The themes for Samhain are: memory of the dead, communication with the underworld, and purification for the future. During this time you could cook a feast with yours and your families favorite foods; have all of your family around and eat and drink. Put pictures up of past loved ones and other ancesters and talk about memories of them. Thinking of all the good times you had together. Lighting a bonfire and dancing the night away. This celebration can last up to 3 days. Back in the day this celebration was mandatory. If you did not participate would would be punished by the gods in either illness or death. No crime was to be commited during these days as the same effect would come. 

Deities associated from different areas include: Hekate, Persephone, Cernunnos, Dionysus, Aradia.

The colors associated are orange, black, yellow, brown, gold (autumn colors) Samhain Ritual Kit


Samhain Ritual Kit is one of a couple kits we have this one includes.

Pumpkin pie vanilla bath salt ( Made in house)

Orange calcite

Sky Fox Samhain Tea ( Made in house)

Calendula petals

Attachment blend ( Made in house)

2" selenite rod

Orange candle

Black candle