Siberian Elm
Siberian Elm
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Siberian Elm- Protection, Prosperity, Sea Rituals, Health

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Metaphysical Properties of Siberian Elm 

Siberian Elm

Official Name: Ulmus Campestris

Other Names: Elven, English Elm, European Elm

Planet: Mercury, Saturn
Element: Water
Symbolism: Communication and Relationships
Color: Turquoise
Birds: Lapwing, Ruffled Grouse
Deity: Orpheus, Odin, Hoenin, Lodr

Medicinal Properties: Infusions from the inner bark of Siberian Elm can treat colds, cough, diarrhea, internal bleeding, and fever.  Apply to external wounds, or drink to ease menstrual problems.

Magickal Properties of Siberian Elm: Energizes the mind and balances the heart.  It attracts love, protects, and aids in sharpening psychic powers.

Magickal Folklore and more information of Siberian Elm 

  • The wood of the elm was used for coffins in England, and you could find it in graveyards in ancient Greece. It was found in the underworld and at the crossroads leading to the faery world.
  • Elm is very popular with the Elves.
  • Elm is now used to protect against lightning strikes.
  • Carry Elm to attract love.