Solomons Seal
Solomons Seal
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Solomons Seal

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Metaphysical Properties Of Solomons Seal

Official Name: Polygonatum officianle

Other Names: Dropberry, Lady's Seal, St. Mary's Seal, Sealroot, Sealwort, Solomon Seal
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Saturn
Element: Water
Metaphysical Powers: Protection, Exorcism

Common Magickal Uses and Folklore of Solomon Seal

  • Place the root in four corners of the house to guard it.
  • It is used in exorcism and protection spells of all kinds.
  • An infusion of the roots sprinkled around clears the area of evil.
  • Solomons Seal is also used in offertory incenses.

Solomon's Seal can help in making difficult decisions and accepting and seeking change. It helps in spellwork to aid changing/breaking habits and helps in smooth transitions for changes. It has been used in love potions to amplify commitment between partners and "seal" a spell or a sacred oath or promise.

Solomon's Seal incense can both be used to drive away negative vibrations and malicious spirits. It can be used to summon spirits and elementals. Meditation while using Solomons Seal incense can assist with a person acheiving a form of mediumship while protected from possession due to the Solomons Seal.

The root, when carried as an amulet, can ward off malicious spirits and increase wisdom.

Solomon's Seal is commonly used during Autumnal Equinox rituals.

For those that are binding entities away Solomons Seal can be used as it seals the entity to the vessel. Solomons Seal can be used as a way of locking energy or entities in a location by simply casting a circle around an area or location. 

We recommed caution if using Solomons Seal to summon anything as negative entities can try to trick people into removing the Solomons Seal and thus removing the protection. Spray infusions of Solomons Seal can be used to ward ritual or spell areas from all forms of negativity, while allowing for the altar or ingredients to be set and ready for use.

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