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Yucca Root Powder Herb

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Yucca Root Powder Herb

Yucca, or cassava, is a type of shrub native to South America that is widely cultivated for its starchy edible root. Although high in calories and carbohydrates, yucca root also boasts a good amount of important nutrients, such as vitamin C, manganese, and potassium.

  • A cross of yucca fiber placed on the hearth protects the home from evil.
  • Use an infusion of yucca to cleanse and purify the body before magick. Repeat this cleansing afterward if performing spells to remove curses, hexes, or illness.
  • Rub a slice of yucca root all over the body once a day for seven days to remove jinxes and hexes. Then the slice of the root may be burned to destroy the curse and the ashes buried for thrown in the river.
  • Adding Yucca root powder to your bath will work the same.
  • A hoop of yucca fibers jumped though seven times will allow one to shape-shift into animal form.

Yucca Root Powder can be put into an ingredient list for doing rituals or spells with the intent of removing a hex or jinx. It is said that placing Yucca Root Powder across any entrance to a home will assist with other protections to prevent negativity from entering the home. Yucca Root Powder is said by some teachings to be used to perform cleansings and purifications on a location or on others. 

When creating a sachet or charm for protection consider using Yucca Root Powder as an ingredient with Gentian and a Black Tourmaline. This combination would grant protection against curses, negative energies or entities, and send any unwanted spells back to the origin.

An infusion of Yucca Root Powder can be used before doing any spell work or rituals to cleanse before focusing energies. It is recommended to do this before and after the spell or ritual is completed.

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