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Yule Ritual Bath Salt kit

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Experience the Magic of Winter Solstice with our Yule Ritual Kit for Witches

Yule Ritual kit

This is a wonderful version of our Yule kit, it contains a refreshing mint blend bath salt.

This kit is small but relaxing.

It contains:

1 100 gram bag of Lady Star Fawn's Mint Blend Bathsalt
1 1/4 lb of Sky Fox Yule Blend Tea
1 3 gram bag of Dragon's Eye Mind & Body Blend
1 3 gram bag of Christmas Blend Resin
1 Red Candle
1 Green Candle
1 Gold Candle
1 piece of Raw Green Calcite
1 piece of Raw Strawberry Quartz

As winter sets in and the days get shorter, the energy of the earth can feel more subdued. During the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, witches and those who follow earth-based spirituality tend to revel in the magic of the season. With our Yule Ritual Kit for Witches, you can experience the spiritual power of winter solstice with all the supplies you need for a complete ritual.


Our Yule Ritual Kit for Witches includes a crystal candle, a Yule ritual oil blend, a Yule incense blend, a Yule ritual bath, and a sage bundle to cleanse your ritual space. 


Once you have set the mood, meditate and set your intention for the upcoming winter season. You can write your intentions on a piece of paper and burn them in the candle's flame, or hold them in your mind and envision them coming true. Take a soothing bath with our Yule ritual bath blend, and emerge from the water renewed and energized. Make sure to give gratitude to the universe for all that you have, and use this ritual as a way to kick off the winter season with positivity and hope.


Order your Yule Ritual Kit for Witches online today and embrace the transformative power of winter solstice. Complete with all the supplies you need, our kit will help you celebrate the season with intention and magic.