Our way to sage your house

Sage your home

smudge stick

We all can sage our own home and in most cases it work just fine. There are some cases, it needs a little assistant to move that unwanted energy. 

Being in the paranormal business for over 12 years our crew has a about 75 years combined years of knowledge. We have developed and used a way to sage to remove energy that has worked wonderfully in all of our cases.  Our clients are still using it today and have no complaints. It has helped both private residence and business alike to keep the negative energy from affecting them.

Today we are going to share with you our technique. 

Starting at the door used to most often for entering the home.  Light the sage stick (we recommend starting with either blue sage or palo santo, depending on the energy your trying to remove.)  Get it red hot (basically like lighting a incense stick, you want to see the the stick glow.)  You can blow on it to get it smoking. Start to the right of your front door (not on the door but next to it on the right side) removing the unwanted energy and  shielding the building from energy and  will go hand and hand with this procedure. 

You can tell the energy as you are walking and protecting the home that it is not welcomed it needs to leave. Do it with some force like you are telling your kid or pet that they should not do something. Do Not be combative. 

Moving clock wise (to the right) around your home staying close to the wall and moving the sage up and down or in a circulation motion along the wall. When you come to a window or a door that leads outside, go around the frame in same motion as the rest of the home and move on, continue around the building. 

If is an upstairs or down stairs: when you get to the stairway go up or down accordingly. Continue going clockwise and do this with every room. Come back to the stairs returning to the main floor.  Remember you are cleansing every room, every closet, window, mirror throughout the entire building.

Now back on the main level continue moving clockwise through the building until you come to the left side of the door where you started. 

Have someone either open the door for you or you can open it. Using the sage you are going to push the energy through the door. Do not stop there, walk to the edge of the property line. Take one full step over the property line, tell the energy that it is never to return or what ever wording you feel comfortable using. Do no get belligerent or combative. Be forceful and stand your ground. Snuff out the sage turning it clockwise on the ground. Do not use water to put it out.   After you snuff out the sage making sure it is completely out, return to your home.