Catuaba Bark Powder,is a natural remedy derived from the bark of trees of the Brazilian rainforest.Metaphysical shop,Wiccan Shop,Herb shop In Spyrit Metaphysical

Catuaba Bark Powder

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What is Catuaba Bark Powder?


Catuaba Bark Powder is a natural remedy derived from the bark of trees that grow in the Brazilian rainforest. This powder has been used for centuries by indigenous tribes of Brazil as an aphrodisiac, antiviral, and for general health purposes.


This powder is made from the bark of several trees that have been identified as Catuaba. The trees are grown in the Amazon rainforest and have been used for generations by the tribes in the region to promote well-being and promote vitality. The active ingredients in the bark are believed to have a positive impact on both the physical and mental aspects of one's health.


The powder is made by harvesting the bark from the trees and then drying and grinding it into a powder form. The resulting powder can then be taken as a dietary supplement in capsule form or added to beverages like tea or smoothies.