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Metaphysical Properties Of Dulse Powder

Official Name: Rhodymenia palmatta

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Metaphysical Powers: Lust, Harmony

Common Magickal Uses and Folklore of Dulse Powder

  • Add Dulse Powder to beverages to induce lust.
  • Sprinkle it around the house to encourage harmony.
  • Dulse is used in sea rituals; it is usually thrown into the waves to appease the spirits of the sea.
  • Dulse is also tossed from high places to contact the wind spirits.

Dulse Powder is known for inducing Lust, Harmony. It is known for its culinary uses in many cultures.

Dulse Powder is a red seaweed harvested in the cool waters along the Atlantic coast of North America, the shores of Ireland and Norway. Dulse can be a thickening agent for soups.

Dulse Powder contains significant levels of calcium and potassium, which help your bones strengthen and become more resilient. Benefits of Dulse also include helping to lower your blood pressure, improve your eyesight and improve the health of your thyroid gland.

Dulse Powder is used as an aphrodisiac in many practices. It is said that when doing rituals or spells for lust using Dulse Leaf, the bedroom grants the best effects. Creating a sachet with Dulse Leaf in side can attract the lust of others or boost the lust of the person carrying the sachet. Placing a sachet of Dulse Powder under a pillow or near the bed can enhance the lust of those around. Herbal blends can be created for lust that could include Dulse Leaf and other herbs such as Catnip or Damiana. There are stones that can be carried in the lust sachet such as India Bloodstone. 

Our herbalist Dragon's Eye used Dulse Powder in some of his blends, the Goddess of Love kit has a blend containing Dulse Powder. 

As with most herbs, the benefits of Dulse Powder can be used to place a hexe affect on the lust of others (We do not encourage this use).

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