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Gum Arabic Powder

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Metaphysical Properties Of Gum Arabic Powder

Official Name: Acacia senegal

Other Names: Arabic, Egyptian Gum, Indian Gum
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Sun
Element: Air
Metaphysical Powers: Spirituality, Purification

Common Magickal Uses and Folklore about Gum Arabic Powder

  • Add to incenses for good vibrations or smolder alone on charcoal.

  • Purifies areas of negativity and evil.

Use a combination of Gum Arabic and Dragon's Blood Resin to make a stronger mix for Calling up The Dead. Gum Arabic Powder is used for purification and increasing spirituality. Add to any incense for good vibrations; it can be burned alone to promote a meditative state.

The tree is honored as the dwelling of a Goddess that can impart fertility on women and heal the sick. Ancient Egyptians used in the embalming practices. Throughout the ages, it has been used in medicine and magic.

Also known as gum hashab, it is associated with the Sun for its light warmth. It is also associated with Air for its lightness.

You can burn it for offerings or purification. A sprig of the tree can be put over a bed to ward off evil. It will open the mind to visions: Burn the leaves on charcoal to aid in psychic ability development; adding Frankincense and Myrrh will intensify the effect. For meditation & inspiration: burn the leaves on charcoal. It is used in money and love spells. It is used as an emblem of immortality, initiation, and a sense of resurrection. Dip the tree leaves in Holy Water, sprinkling over an altar or burn to contact the dead and aid in communicating with or honor the dead. The wood has been used for sacred chests to hold ritual tools. The herb can be used to consecrate boxes and sacred instruments.

To Cleanse a Sacred Space with Gum Arabic Powder

Burn the dried gum as incense. The leaves or wood can be infused to create sacred water for asperging (Asperges is a rite of sprinkling a gathering with holy water.) Acacia is used for religious blessing spaces. (A temple, Circle, altar, and magical items.)

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