Light Purple Chime Candle

Light Purple Chime Candle

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Light Purple Chime Candle 4"

This is a great 4" light purple chime candle, the perfect size for altars, rituals, and ceremonies.

Purple chime candles are associated with spirituality, wisdom, and heritage. It is ideal for deep meditation and divination.

Purple candles are used in meditation to improve psychic ability, to awaken the third eye chakra, intuition, visions, and astral travel. Purple chime candles aid with spiritual awakening, protection, and ancient wisdom, and they also help eliminate curses. Purple chime candles are used for healing, business success, wealth, power, supremacy, and recognition and influence people in power. Purple, violet candles, or lilac candles are similar and used interchangeably.

The Light purple chime candle 4" is the ideal candle to use when you are trying to access the dream world, specifically the vivid dreams. Can help with meditation and manifestations. 

Historically when you think of purple you think of royalty with the arts and jewelry and clothing. Using the light purple candle you can open your third eye. You can you it for divination, or to uncover secrets and knowledge, and also deepening and strengthing your spiritual awarness in the process as well as intuition.

With using the light purple chime candle 4" in spells you can find out more on astrology, authority, spiritual development, psychic protection, your emotions, your imagination, who are influenced by you and who you influence, you independence, power, your own spirituality. Also about addictions how you can overcome your fears. Wealth, success, gaining recognition, emotional balance.

The light purple chime candle 4" goes to the zodiac of Sagittarius. The planets Jupiter, Saturn, Moon. The deities Zeus, Hecate, Shiva, Dionysus, Oya, Athena.

Friendship spells, making a wish, healing, cleansing of the auras, success in a business, honoring and remembering the dead, psychic awakening, attracting same sex partner, glamour, seduction. Spells for safe travel, finding a mentor, getting attention for accomplishments.

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