Protection Oils - Black Tourmaline Castor oil - Protection, Cleansing, Blessing In Spyrit Metaphysical

Madam Ts Black Tourmaline Protection Oils

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Madam Ts Black Tourmaline  Protection Oils

Protection Oil - Black Tourmaline Infused Castor Oil. This can be used as a Blessing Oil or Cleansing Oil for people, places, and items. As with anything that is used on skin these oils may cause allergic reactions. Please use caution when using these oils, make sure that you are not allergic to anything that these oils contain. All of these mixes are available in the different base oils. we are also going to be expanding the carrier oils for all of our oil mixes.

Castor Oil:

Castor Oil has been used for centuries for protection, evil eye, negativity, absorbs evil.

The Essential Oils that are used in this mix are:

Himalayan Cedarwood
Tea Tree Oil
Tulsi Holy Basil
Castor Oil
Small pieces of Black Tourmaline

We use these essential oils for protection from Negative and darker energies. The added benefit of the carrier oils and blending the essential oils together make this mix stronger than any one of these oils alone. we can mix the Protection Oils infusions with herbs upon request. Please note that the herbal oils take longer to infuse usually about 4 weeks and are higher in price. Please contact us to order the herbal oils.