Samhain Tea mix In Spyrit Metaphysical
Samhain Tea mix In Spyrit Metaphysical
Samhain Tea mix In Spyrit Metaphysical
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Sky Fox Samhain Tea mix

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Sky Fox Samhain Tea mix 

 Samhain tea mix is a mix that we put together to add to our fall mixes this is a cinnamon with a note of citrus taste 

add the mix to a tea ball and steep for ten min in hot water and enjoy add a little honey if want a sweet taste 

All Spice 

Also Known As: Eddo, Madere, Basheen, Kouroubaga
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Power: Money, Luck, Healing

Magickal and Metaphysical Uses of Allspice

  • Burn as an incense to attract money or luck
  • Promote healing

For use of Allspice Whole outside the kitchen, using a green sachet, fill it with some Allspice Whole. Carry it in your purse or pocket to attract wealth. You can also place some in the corners of your home or business to bring success to your place of work.

Allspice Whole has also been used in witch magic to relieve mental tension and create a sense of peace and quiet.

Allspice Whole is considered masculine and is associated with the planet Mars and the element of Fire. It is thought that Fire is where allspice gains its strength to provide you with protection, build your courage, and help you make positive changes. It can also help increase your determination to complete a goal. Some prosperity sachets contain Allspice Whole and other herbs such as Cinnamon or Nutmeg along with at least one stone of luck such as Jade,  Golden Tiger's Eye or even a Pyrite.

Allspice Whole could be considered a must-have for any Kitchen Witch, with Allspice, Whole having so many options for being added to foods and spell uses. Some of the spells that a Kitchen Witch could use Allspice, Whole for are boosting the courage and determination of those enjoying the meal. Offerings to the Element of Fire using Allspice, Whole can be performed to achieve a better connection with  Fire Energy. 

When used in a ritual bath Allspice Whole has been used for protection before trips.

From what has been found in Mexico, the Mayans would use Allspice Whole to assist with the embalming of the deceased. 

Cinnamon chip

Other Names: Sweet Wood, Ceylon Cinnamon
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Deities: Venus, Aphrodite
Powers: Spirituality, Success, Healing, Power, Psychic Powers, Lust, Protection, Love

Common Magickal Uses and Folklore of Cinnamon Chips

Use it to bless sacred space, anoint magic tools by burning some in a cauldron or other heat-resistant containers like smudging.

Here are a few of the numerous uses for Cinnamon.

Healing: it can be burned or mixed into tea and drank.

Home Protection: Place a broom of Cinnamon by the front door, or you can place Cinnamon chips near the entrances to protect a home.

Love Spells: Place the oil or chips in any sachet to aid in attracting love.

Lust Spells: place a couple of drops of diluted oil to aid in inspiring lust

Cinnamon Chips is a natural aphrodisiac, which makes it a great herb to be placed in spell jars, Lust Baths, or to burn during a spell or ritual. There are multiple luck and prosperity spells that Cinnamon Chips can be used in, it is said that using Cinnamon in any form as an incense will increase protective vibrations.

For anyone building or moving, Cinnamon Chips is something to use as it is an ingredient in some sanctifying spells and rituals.

In Eastern Temples, Cinnamon Chips are burned as spiritual offerings. Historically Cinnamon Chips have been used by multiple customs for various purposes. Hebrews used cinnamon oil in their Holy Oil. The Egyptians used Cinnamon Oil during the mummification process. The Romans would use Cinnamon in wreaths to adorn and decorate the Temples. 

While Hoodoo is a closed practice, some of the spell workings and herb use have been passed along. One such practice from the Hoodoo teachings is a wash that is used before engaging in any gambling or matters of Luck which uses Cinnamon Chips, Chamomile, Calendula, Coriopsis, Alfalfa, Irish Moss and Allspice Berries.

Orange Peel 

Citrus aurantium
Element: Fire
Planet: Sun
Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Chakras: Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Common Magickal Uses and Folklore of Orange Peel

Energy, Cleansing, Happiness, Sun Magick, Full Moon Magick, Raise Vibration, Renewal, Manifestation, Uplifting, Relieve Depression, Soothing Anxiety, Safety or Protection, Life

Orange peel can be used fresh for cleaning stainless steel and wood, helping hair luster and shine, natural deodorizer, removing odors from refrigerators and garbage disposals, to even softening brown sugar.

It can help whiten teeth, reduce sensitivity, relieve bad breath, boost the immune system, is Anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, protects lungs, improves digestion, and aids in weight loss.

Used in spells and rituals for love or fertility can use Orange Peel as an ingredient. Rituals and spells for cleansing a person or location of negativity can use a mixture that includes Orange Peel. Orange Peel is said to assist in soothing the spiritual energies of a location or person. 

Orange Peel boosts positive energy; it helps when feeling down, supports the confused in finding direction, and gives new life to spiritual desires. Its scent is useful for dealing with obsessive thinking, turning the mind back to what is essential. Orange peel is excellent in Yule celebrations, reminding us of the Sun in the middle of winter.

Because of their color, oranges make a convenient symbol for gold in any spellwork or ritual. Those who make offerings to Deities of the Sun can use Orange Peel as it is  associated with the sun. It is said that when Orange Peel is carried by a person their luck is supposed to improve. Rituals and spells for prosperity or abundance can use Orange Peel as an ingredient according to some practices and teachings. For those who work with Angels, the Orange Peel is said to assist with calling the Archangel Raphael for assistance.

Kola Nut 

Metaphysical Powers: Peace, Removing Depression, Calming

The kola nut is a caffeine-containing nut of evergreen trees of the genus Cola, primarily of the species Cola acuminata and Cola nitida. Cola acuminata, an evergreen tree about 20 meters in height, has long, ovoid leaves pointed at both ends with a leathery texture. The trees have yellow flowers with purple spots and star-shaped fruit. Inside the fruit, about a dozen round or square seeds develop in a white seed shell. The nut’s aroma is sweet and rose-like. The first taste is bitter, but it sweetens upon chewing. The nut can be boiled to extract the caffeine.

A lot of the original concepts of sex magic came from earlier Hindu traditions of Tantra. Tantrics believe sex contains energy that can change the physical world.

Psychosexual energy is the key component behind contemporary western magic. It is the strongest emotion available that can be disciplined; it is the basis of Tantra. The path of using this psychosexual power starts by acknowledging and then overcoming obstructive sexual preconceptions.

Kola nuts are an essential element of the traditional spiritual practice of culture and religion in West Africa, particularly Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. Kola nuts are used as religious objects, sacred offerings during prayers, ancestor worship, and significant life events, such as naming ceremonies, weddings, and funerals. They are used in the traditional divination system called Obi divination. During this practice, kola nuts are divided into four lobes. Then cast upon a special wooden board, the patterns are read by the diviner.

The Kola Nut was actually an original ingredient in the recipe of Coca Cola before they switched to the modern recipe using artificial ingredients. There are a few items that are still made using the Kola Nut such as Kola Cocao or Kola-Wine.