Tansy Tansy In Spyrit Metaphysical
Tansy Tansy In Spyrit Metaphysical
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Tansy Herb

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Metaphysical Properties Of Tansy


Official Name: Tanacetum vulgare

Other Names: Buttons
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Metaphysical Powers: Health, Longevity

Common Magickal Uses and Folklore of Tansy

  • A bit of Tansy placed in the shoes helps cure persistent fevers.
  • Since the plant was given to Ganymede to make him immortal, Tansy is carried to lengthen the life span.
  • Ants don't like Tansy

Tansy was used as an embalming herb and to preserve meat. It also was used as a strewing herb because it helps to keep pests away. The oil of Tansy can be used around garbage cans for the same purpose.

Tansy is feminine by nature; its element is water and the ruling planet Venus. It is also associated with Gemini.

In the old Victorian language of flowers, it is a declaration of war.

Tansy is sacred to Mary.

It is also associated with immortality and eternal youth and is sacred to both Hebe and Ganymede. Greek myth claims that Zeus had Ganymede drink the juice from Tansy granting Ganymede immortality. Tansy is known to be toxic to both mankind and pests. Its further association with death makes it suitable for honoring all Gods and Goddesses associated with death and rebirth.

Tansy has had a history of being used as a preservative as well as being used in burial rites as an embalming incredient to slow the decomposition of the deceased. The aroma of Tansy and other flowers used in embalming has had the belief of assisting the deceased in their passage to the afterlife.

Tansy is used in spells, charms, and potions for longevity and preserving life. When used in rituals Tansy has been known to be called

Tansy oil was used to anoint the dead, and wreaths of Tansy are used as funeral decorations.

Egg dishes that are with Tansy are good for Ostara celebrations and dairy dishes flavored are used for Imbolc celebrations.