White Oak Bark
White Oak Bark
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White Oak Bark

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Metaphysical Properties of White Oak Bark

Official Name: Quercus Alba

Gender: Masculine
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Deities: Cybele, Dagda, Dianus, Hecate, Janus, Jupiter, Pan, Thor, Zeus
Metaphysical Powers: protection, fertility, removing negative magic, as well as hex breaking.

Folklore and Uses of White Oak Bark

  • White Oak Bark herb can be used to represent the Oak King in Yule and Litha rituals.

  • Include it in protection sachets and amulets.

  • Contemplate mixing it with other masculine-Fire-Sun herbs as powerful “GOD” burnt offering or incense.

  • Infuse it in the sacred waters of the chalice when working with Divine Masculine.

  • Infuse oil with a mix of Oak Bark and other Divine Masculine associated herbs to anoint the male figure in the Divine Right.

The white oak tree is a familiar sight to people in the eastern parts of North America. It is an imposing tree both in terms of its imposing appearance and its longevity. It grows tall and can spread very wide when given the space to do so.

Oak Trees can live for a very long time, with some specimens being over 450 years of age. While the tree itself is imposing, it is the bark that contains many of the medicinal benefits that we may find of great use.

A testament to the strength of the mighty Oak Tree is that even Oak Trees struck by lightning have lived for over 200 years after the lightning stritke. 

White Oak Bark is a common ingredient in Hex removing herbal mixtures as well as for rituals of Purification. Those intending to do a spell or ritual for strength and youthfulness. White Oak Bark has been used in protection spells for generations, charms can be carved from White Oak Bark or shavings can be placed into a sachet and carried to protect and attract prosperity to a person.

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